Louisville, Colorado Real Estate
A Prosperous Future and a Prospecting Past

Just as the shopping centers, hotels, high tech businesses are a symbol of Louisville’s prosperous future, the statue of a miner in front of City Hall is a symbol of its prospecting past. 

The first of many local coal mines, the Welch Mine, opened in 1877.  Shortly thereafter, Louis Nawatny, a local landowner, platted his land into a town he named after himself  -- Louisville.  On June 16, 1882, Louisville, Colorado was incorporated.

Louisville Homes in Demand

Louisville homes popped up quickly as many families moved to Louisville to work in the emerging coal industry.  Miners liked the advantages Louisville mines had to offer.  The new mines were safer and within walking distance of their homes.  And because the mines were individually owned, the miners enjoyed a democratic community life that was not dominated by large mine companies.

New mines brought new jobs, and many Europeans soon moved to Louisville.  In those days, all nationalities worked together in the mines but lived in ethnically separate neighborhoods with their relatives.   Although the wages were somewhat higher in Louisville, economic times were difficult around the turn of the century.  Working in the mines was seasonal and often interrupted by strikes.  Families had to rely on gardens to supplement their diets and odd jobs to supplement their incomes. 

During the coal mining industry’s peak years from 1890 to  1928, there were 171 coal mines in Boulder County, and thirty of these were in or near Louisville.   As the use of coal declined following World War II, the last mines were closed in 1952.

Louisville Today  --  a New Vitality

In recent years, new shopping centers, restaurants, medical facilities and businesses have added a new vitality to this popular community.  Lest one forget about Louisville’s humble past, a walk down Main Street with its original buildings is a reminder of Louisville’s early years as a small mining community.  

Louisville homes are popular choices for many business people who commute to nearby communities.  Boulder is a 10 minute drive to the west, Interlocken Business Park is a 10 minute commute to the southwest, and Denver is a 25 minute drive south of Louisville. 

One of the Five Best Small Cities

Now, designated open space virtually surrounds the city insuring that it will retain its small town charm.  Louisville’s location overlooking Boulder Valley provides some Louisville homes with breathtaking views of the snow covered Rocky Mountains. 

Named as one of the country’s five best small cities in 2005, Louisville is a popular city that 19,000 people call “home.”   Over a century after the first settlers came to work in the mines, Louisville homes are in still in demand.



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