Longmont Real Estate

A Planned Community That Continues To Thrive

Originally Longmont, Colorado was a “members only” town.  A group of Chicago residents wanted to move further west; however, they lacked the funds to buy property.  To overcome this obstacle, they solicited memberships in what was first known as “The Chicago-Colorado Colony.”  In 1870, Longmont, Colorado was founded as the group purchased 60,000 acres of land in northern Colorado with the funds they earned from membership sales.  Complete wilderness at the time, everything - including people - had to be shipped to the new location. 

In 1871, the founders renamed The Chicago-Colorado Colony “Longmont” after the clearly visible Long’s Peak. Wanting to maintain structure and order, its founders thoroughly planned the town of Longmont. Real estate was highly prized and was laid out in grid fashion with commercial property in the center of town and Longmont homes radiating out from Main Street. For decades to come, Longmont would hold fast to this type of city planning before stretching out into accommodate growth.

Longmont – From Agriculture to Technology

Historically an agricultural town, Longmont thrived after the Colorado Central Railroad was completed in 1877, connecting Longmont with Boulder to the south.  First there was a flour mill, then a vegetable cannery followed by a beet sugar factory. 

By the 1960s, Longmont’s agricultural based economy was gradually shifting toward high technology industries.  In 1962, the U.S. government constructed an air-traffic control center.   Three years later, IBM built a facility nearby.  Soon other high technology companies came to Longmont.  Real estate flourished with the influx of people and new jobs.  With the exception of the 1980s, Longmont’s growth has continued to surge.  

Longmont Listings for Homes  -- Diverse and Affordable

Today, the real estate market is filled with diversity in Longmont.  There are Longmont homes in urban or rural settings.  From modern communities to historic houses to new construction, Longmont homes come in a variety of styles and price ranges.  Longmont homes are more affordable than their Boulder counterparts.

Location of Longmont

Longmont is centrally located just 37 miles north of Denver and 16 miles northeast of Boulder.   The city is guarded by the majestic presence of Long’s Peak, one of two 14,000-foot peaks in the Rocky Mountains. Long’s Peak creates a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop for Longmont neighborhoods and parks.  With over 1500 acres of parks and open space, Longmont offers a wealth of outdoor activities.  Within an hour’s drive, you can also enjoy hiking, skiing, camping, fishing and rock climbing in the scenic Rocky Mountains.  World-class ski resorts are within a few hours’ drive.

From its origin, this city was planned to be a true community.  Today, Longmont real estate offers more than just houses  -- it offers a coveted lifestyle.



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